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Come for Emotions

The Golu display is not just about showcasing the dolls; it also serves as a way to invite friends and family to one's home to admire the collection. Visitors are offered prasadam (blessed food) and given small gifts or traditional offerings as a sign of goodwill!

Cultural Heritage

Family and Community Bonding

Passing on Traditions


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All kind of Navaratri Golu Dolls Available all varieties of clay and Papermash Dolls Available fancy dolls.


Our Works

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Golu dolls, where artistic brilliance meets cultural significance. Our diverse range of dolls includes traditional clay figurines, intricately carved wooden idols, and modern themed sets, all reflecting the essence of Indian mythology, daily life, and festivities.

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Welcome to Meenakshi Arts Works, everything you need to celebrate Navaratri with grandeur and joy! We take immense pride in preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of South India through our carefully curated collection of Golu dolls.


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